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Live visuals

I create live improvised visuals for events; concerts, theatre, celebrations, launch parties, festivals and cultural happenings.

I like to describe myself as a VJ (as in DJ), mixing video, animation, motion graphics and photography. Projected live onto a huge screen, visuals have a spectacular impact and help to create distinctive events.

I work in consultation with my clients to match the themes and mood of the event; each performance is unique and created live in response to the music and environment.

Why not check out some examples of my work below.


Adir Hu


Music by Oi Va Voi
Visuals by Miki Shaw
Commissioned by the JCC (now called JW3) for the 2009 "Other Seder" at Wiltons Music Hall.

"Adir Hu" is a centuries-old Jewish Passover song, with lyrics in Hebrew.
The visuals explore the relationship between building and language, and the powerful influence that buildings have in society. The visuals consist of 50% stop-frame animations created by Miki and 50% "found material" referencing documentary, feature film, and youtube footage.

Nutshell - excerpt


Excerpt from a collaboration between Miki Shaw and a Middlesex University student dance ensemble. Choreography by April Brown. Animation by Miki Shaw. The visuals were projected onto a gauze at the front of the stage, creating the effect of drawings floating above or superimposed onto the dancers.

A Newly Created Being

Music by The Gaslight Troubadours

Visuals by Miki Shaw

VJ-style video created for the Victorian steam-driven trip hop collective The Gaslight Troubadours

Chad Gadya

Music by Yiddish Twist Orchestra
Animation by Miki Shaw
Commissioned by the JCC and produced by YaD Arts for the 2009 "Other Seder" at Wiltons Music Hall.

Animated Earth

Live drawing for Jess Gold's "Project Earth Rock", an innovative sustainability show which is currently touring in schools throughout the UK.

Jess says: "Miki creates images that bring clarity to the messages in the songs and makes her audiences smile at the same time."

"Hey You Shepherd" - UNITE: A Gathering of Strangers


Featuring the Perunika Trio (Eugenia Georgieva, Dessislava Vasileva, Jasmina Stosic) on vocals, Hamid Mantu - drums, Tim Whelan - keyboard, Jim Moray - guitar, Martin Furey - banjo, Larry Whelan - clarinet, and Miki Shaw - visuals.
Performed live at Bush Hall, London

"...Far away abroad they sent me to become a camel herder, to look after herds of camels, herds of camels, goddamn camels..."

Them With Frozen Tales promo

for Tall Stories theatre company

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