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Education & Facilitation

Creativity course for adults: 'Creative Sparks' starting 21 January 2024.

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I facilitate visual arts workshops for children and young people, as well as adults.

Workshop themes often originate from my own artistic practice, which gives me deep personal insight into how to guide the group. I can also work with organisations to develop themes that are appropriate for their project.

These workshops are designed as collective creative spaces and encourage creativity and artistic exploration. I have facilitated communities in the creation of collaborative large-scale artworks, and this is a powerful way for a group to come together and make site-specific work.


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Crafting with Light
The Bet Tikvah Banner Project

A collaboration between the children and teachers of Bet Tikvah Sunday School and Miki Shaw, creating a permanent installation for Bet Tikvah synagogue.

Shields and Identity
A schools interfaith workshop


A collaboration between two neighbouring London schools of dfferent faiths.
In conjuction with 3FF (The Three Faiths Forum)


Papercutting Workshops

I run papercutting workshops for children and adults at schools and conferences.


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