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What I do

"Art isn't about what you make but what you make happen." - Jeremy Deller

Live visuals


I create live improvised visuals for events; concerts, theatre, celebrations, launch parties, festivals and cultural happenings.

I like to describe myself as a VJ (as in DJ), mixing video, animation, motion graphics and photography, projected live onto a huge screen, having a spectacular impact and helping to create unique events.

I work in consultation with my clients to match the themes and mood of the event; each performance is unique and created live in response to the music and environment.

Graphic design


I work professionally for non-profits, corporate and individuals, creating everything from logos to leaflets, apps to adverts, illustrations to invitations and branding to banners.


I’ve been working with commercial clients for 8 years, and I love to give visual expression to my clients' words and ideas and get a huge kick out of delivering simple, elegant design.





With a background in computer animation but a passion for the hand-made, my work spans digital and traditional techniques, from papercutting to video.


I am currently studying Fine Art part time, and delight in exploring new creative avenues, which informs my live visual, graphic design and facilitator work.


Educator and facilitator


I facilitate visual arts workshops for children and young people, as well as adults.


Workshop themes often originate from my own artistic practice, which gives me deep personal insight into how to guide the group. I can also work with organisations to develop themes that are appropriate for their project.


These workshops are designed as collective creative spaces and encourage creativity and artistic exploration. I have facilitated communities in the creation of collaborative large-scale artworks, and this is a powerful way for a group to come together and make site-specific work.


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