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“I had the pleasure of hiring and working with Miki as a freelance graphic designer at JW3. During a particularly turbulent time, when the team was especially stretched and short staffed, she was an absolute rockstar.  From generating new creative ideas and producing high-quality designs to meeting tight deadlines, Miki exceeded all expectations.The marketing materials she designed were measurably better for her involvement. 

Miki’s ability to quickly get her feet under the table, and her versatility and ability to adapt to any project made her a valuable asset on our team. She took it upon herself to freshen up a range of of our marketing materials, like the season programme brochure and cover, and event collateral (including for cultural and educational events, the cinema, ice rink, etc) and she developed a range of JW3’s brand voice badges and exhibition stand designs.  Miki’s work on the JW3 badge design lives on in use to this day! On top of all that, she was a joy to work with, she has a great non-nonsense attitude and she’s impressively collaborative - just the sort of person you’d want in your team. I highly recommend Miki for any of your graphic design needs.”

Jeremy Rosenberg, Director of Marketing, JW3

"We have worked with Miki for six years and she has become an integral part of the Etgar team. She has created the look and feel of all our materials and designed both the Etgar Handbook and the Etgar Israel Handbook. She managed to distinguish between the two, to reflect the different ages at which they were targeted, while ensuring a consistency of brand. She has tremendous creativity, precision and integrity. The feedback on both handbooks has been outstanding and it is in large measure due to the thoughtfulness of Miki's designs."

Jo Rosenfelder and Adam Tab, Directors of Etgar

"I booked Miki on recommendation during an extremely busy time at the charity, and when we needed creative marketing materials delivered to tight deadlines. Miki hit the ground running, getting to grips with our existing look and feel but adding a huge amount of value through her creative flair and technical prowess as a designer. She slotted into the team brilliantly and help us create a 4 page leaflet that we were proud to circulate in 40,000 copies of national newspapers. She also designed a box as part of the same campaign and worked on collateral for one of our flagship events. I would highly recommend Miki."

Gloria Goldstein, Director of Marketing & Communications, UJIA

"Miki is my go-to graphic designer. Creative, fabulous attention to detail, very client focused and always gets the job done ahead of schedule. A total pleasure to work with, I’m worried if I recommend her too much, she’ll be too busy to work with me!"

Sasha Frieze, The Business Narrative

"Miki designed the 2018/19 Gateways annual report. Through the process, Miki was a pleasure to work with, she was always on hand to deal with any questions or queries, she had a positive “can do” approach and was able to take our vision and create an engaging publication. I can’t recommend Miki highly enough."

Laurence Field, Director of Gateways, JW3

“I have worked with Miki Shaw on several shows now. She has helped me put together videos, audio clips and pictures as I put the show together and has then been the person playing them in during the show. I cannot praise her highly enough - her technical knowledge, patience, artistic judgement and sheer unflappability under pressure have meant that I have never once had to worry about the technical side of my show. I've always known Miki will sort it. Brilliant at anticipating problems so you don't even notice them, she is incredibly reliable, resourceful, committed and has the added bonus of having excellent judgement about what makes a good piece of performance (many is the time I've asked her for a detail about how something looks from out front and she's helped me out with a spot-on suggestion). She's a real find and I don't know what I would do without her.”

David Schneider, comedian


"We have worked with Miki on few occasions for our Little Miss Geek projects, always with great results, and we found her to be very enthusiastic and a great teacher who is capable of adapting and explaining complicated concepts in a way that is very easy to understand by a given audience and therefore getting high levels of satisfaction and engagement.

In our latest collaboration Miki was the lead trainer at  "Geek and Proud" workshops at Holloway Prison where she delivered fantastic sessions to the inmates on subjects like 3D and Wearable technology or computational thinking, the women participating left feeling uplifted and reassured they have gained skills for their professional future once released."

Belinda Parmar OBE, CEO of Lady Geek

"Miki has been a joy to work with; we had a lot of design work that needed to be completed within a short space of time for the Baby Buddy app launch event, and Miki was calm, collected and got everything done on time and to a very high standard. Miki has a great eye for detail and with minimal initial briefing brought her own design elements to create posters, leaflets, booklets and banners that we’ve been proud to share with other people as a representation of what Best Beginnings do."

Katherine Hodges, Digital lead at Best Beginnings


"Miki did a great job creating the logo for Cloudlook. Her approach was highly methodical and involved an ongoing collaboration with us as the customer. Miki began by collecting a range visual elements that might be appropriate for the notions we wanted to convey. She then produced a matrix of options for us to explore, and worked with us over several iterations to converge on the final design. We're delighted with the result."

Gideon Greenspan, IT developer and entrepreneur

​“Miki Shaw is a naturally talented and versatile artist. Her intuitive educators instinct means that she excels in spheres where arts and education meet. She is always thorough, pays great attention to detail and has a distinct ability to create the unexpected. She will help you to succeed.”

Jess Gold, eco-musician and director of Project Earth Rock

"We were unsure where to begin for our design. Miki navigated us through the process. She was able to understand what we were looking for, better than we did ourselves, and created a unique design which reflected what we had anticipated. We are so pleased with the final product and working with Miki was a pleasure from start to finish."

Rachel Yona, invitation client

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