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Corporate & Commercial:

Corporate & Commercial:

Corporate & Commercial:


“I have worked with Miki Shaw on several shows now. She has helped me put together videos, audio clips and pictures as I put the show together and has then been the person playing them in during the show. I cannot praise her highly enough - her technical knowledge, patience, artistic judgement and sheer unflappability under pressure have meant that I have never once had to worry about the technical side of my show. I've always known Miki will sort it. Brilliant at anticipating problems so you don't even notice them, she is incredibly reliable, resourceful, committed and has the added bonus of having excellent judgement about what makes a good piece of performance (many is the time I've asked her for a detail about how something looks from out front and she's helped me out with a spot-on suggestion). She's a real find and I don't know what I would do without her.”

David Schneider, comedian


​“Miki Shaw is a naturally talented and versatile artist. Her intuitive educators instinct means that she excels in spheres where arts and education meet. She is always thorough, pays great attention to detail and has a distinct ability to create the unexpected. She will help you to succeed.”

Jess Gold, eco-musician and director of Project Earth Rock

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